black influence driven
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original content
in partnership with brands
that understand
platform &
influence algorithm
representing next gen
commanders & creators
influencer driven
projects for forward
thinking brands and organizations
the biggest endorsement
platform in africa &
blacktag is coming
blacktag begins ▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ x
subculture content ▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ x
commanders and creators ▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ x
influence algorithm ▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ x
long live africa ▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ x
opening soon ▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ x